Dreaming of a bootle green Jaguar

Last night I dreamed that I owned a bottle green Jaguar 2 seater, with a convertible roof. It was a very fun car, and drove well in my dream! I can still hear the sound that the engine made and the feel of the stick shift in my hand as i was driving, and I haven't driven a stick shift in close to twenty years. I wonder what it means?

Today will be spent doing some demolition and prep work. I want to start installing the drywall on Sunday or Monday, so i have lots to get done before this!

I'll have to buy a bit of fruit this week and I'm thinking that's about it. I'm trying to keep my expenses down a wee bit as gas jumped to 105.7/litre this week. Ouch! But DD and I talked about driving as little as possible this summer, so I can save on gas. ( If I could get away with spending 150/month for July and August I would be happy.)

Now I must plan on taking my bike to get repaired, and figure out a way to rig up something so I can bring groceries home on the bike!


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