A couple of long days...

Yesterday was long ( I drove a total of 7 hours), today will be a long one again, more driving, but then I'll be done with the long drives for a few weeks.

I did pick up a few things for the bathroom yesterday, a TP holder, a bath tray and a towel holder for over the door. I also bought cereal, dried blueberries, and granola bars. DD is going away for few days, so I need to finish the laundry and make sure she has everything she needs. For her this is her last trip of the year and high school, so i hope she has fun. As for me, I'll be working on the bathroom, doing work work, plus working at the restaurant.

I had a call about renting my house last night, they'll come to see it in the next week or two, I told them the price and what I paid for utilities, so I'm not sure if they want it still. ( We'll see).

Other than that not too much else is happening in my world.


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