Working from home, and I'm sick!

My body has finally told me, enough is enough! I'm got a head/chest cold, chills and just feel Yucky! I get to be home, and sleep a lot if I like.

I did work today, and it was OK, I'm very tired of the "drama" at work... my thoughts, I wonder what will happen when reality hits some people!

I must say I'm glad that I got to experience my "dream" job before committing to it full time. If things don't change, I'll be going back to my old job ( or something within the same department) in July 2011. I'm good with that.

I'm off to sit and veg in front of the TV for a few hours


Sharon said…
Hope you feel better soon!!!
The Asian Pear said…
Awwwh. Try to get some rest!
Anonymous said…
Certainly take care of yourself. Being in a relaxed atmosphere away from the drama I sure will help.
The Witch said…
Hope your feeling better soon!!
Maybe this will relieve some of the headache of having to rent out your house?

Work can really drag us down sometimes. This week has been going the pits for me. How many days till the weekend? Sad to be wishing my life away.
Canadian Saver said…
Take care!! And I'm glad you've decided if things don't get less stressful you'll go back to your old job... time goes by so fast, July 2011 will be here soon!

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