What's on my mind...

The first thing on my mind is DD. It looks like she'll be moving to the other coast and living with her Dad for a while. It's a good thing for the two of them, as they have minimal contact with each other ( but he's got tons of family in my neck of the woods, so they keep him posted, I haven't spoke to him in almost a year). He's willing to get a 2 bedroom apt, and he'll help support her for the year ( which means I'll contribute to her year what he's paid in 18- 3,000.00). DD may end up apprenticing instead of going to school. ( there's a whole bunch of stuff happening in this front, it's crazy!) All I know is that I know how much she loves this one career path and I think she'd be really good at it.

The bathroom... I've picked a vanity, but I need to ensure that I can find taps to go with it... It looks like I'll be doing this mid-April... considering I have the tub already, I'll need help with the pipes and framing. DD may ge to enjoy the tub for a month or so before she leaves or the house is rented.

Third, on the work front... I told someone today that if my work place does not back me on a decision, I'll go back to my old job in the summer, knowing that I cannot put my stamp on something that I don't believe in, or find the quality is lacking. I've been raised differently and don't think that I feel comfortable comprising this.

On the bonus front I got my income tax back. Yeah... Considerign that i didn;t buy groceries this week-end ( there's lots of food but not according to DD), she'll go grocery shopping with a friend tonight. I spent 16.47 at Shoppers today for a book, chips and blistex, plus another 28.00 at the grocery store.

Oh and I forgot to add that the dog managed to get away 3 times on Saturday... The adventures included my flagging down speeding trucks so they won't hit the dog, skulking through back yards, avoiding spring thaws, and generally looking like a fool walking 5 feet behind the dog, who kept out of my reach enough that I could catch him, until he enter a yard where there was a small dog and a yard filled with poop. The lasy who lived in the house talked ot the dog long enough for me to grab him collar and snap the leash on.


Jane said…
Good for you to stick by your principles, it can be stuff so hang in there!

I hope it all works out for your DD, if the trade is something she will enjoy it can be a great life. Lots of opportunities especially for women in trades.

I had to laugh about your dog, the add so much joy to our lives, don't they?
Jane said…
Oops, that should say tough not stuff!
its me, sam said…
Jane, I had to read the post 3 times before I figured out the error. LOL. DD isn't looking at doign a traditional trade, it's a specialized field that she'll be best first learning with a mentor, then possible off to school in another year or two.

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