What I learned on Sunday

If Via Rail is more than 1.5 hours behind schedule, you get 50% off your next fare... The train was 2 hours late last night. I did however have stuff to read for work in the car, so I got a coffee and sat and read for the 2 hours, plus tweaked my budget for the summer, as I have 2 different couples interested in renting my house.

( I can rent/board for 12 months, bringing the dog back and forth with me, but living in a room in the basement of my parents house for 1 year at my age is a wee bit depressing, but to have all my CC's and LOC's paid off will be fantastic). The hardest part will be Christmas, etc, but I may look at spending a bit of money to rent a cottage for a week over the holiday's just to have a break and give one to DD too). My parents stay in their camper all summer, so I don;t have to worry about then, it's more from September to June.

On a positive note, my heating costs have gone down. I have 1 more automatic fill left for later on this month, and it should be about a quarter of a tank ( around 200.00). So I should have saved about 600.00 compared to last year.).If that's the case, then that's 600 more dollars to put towards the bathroom. I got inspired! If i move the plumbing down a few feet, but not down and forward like I had planned, I can still make the bathroom wider and longer, but put floating glass shelves in for extra storage. OMG... I think I have a workable plan now!

I do need to buy food for the week. Milk, eggs, etc. I'll be eating very simply this week!


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