What I experienced last night.

It was a wee but busy to the restaurant last night over the supper rush. I had the pleasure of waiting on a little girl and her family. I'm guessing she was about 7 or 8. She had FAE ( fetal alcohol effect, I could tell by her facial features.) She was so sweet, and her mom ( I'm guessing it was her adoptive mom), was very patient with her. The little girl told me that 1.) I was very nice, 2.) I was beautiful and 3.) I was happy. I think her mom was thankful that I treated everyone with respect and kindness ( she left me an awesome tip.) That little girl made my night, and I hope she's having a wonderful time on her mini vacation this week-end. ( we had a big chat about book stores, and how she was going to sit and read in Chapters today).

I'll be working Friday nights for the next month or so, which will be nice for my pocket book. Plus I'll be working from home for a month in about 7 weeks or so, then I'll be working from work for another month, then working from home for the rest of the summer.

I was thinking a lot this week about what I like in a workplace. I like to work with people, and I miss the interactions I had on daily basis with a variety of people.

Today I need to put gas in my vehicle, walk the dog, and give the house a final run through with the vacuum and mop. I also need to take the recyclables back, pick up a few things for DD's lunches and I'll go to the library too.


The Witch said…
I'm sure you made that family's time together more special because of your kindness.
Way to go Sam!!
Hope you have some time to yourself this weekend.

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