Tupperware party

I agreed to have a Tupperware party for a friend about a month ago. ( Yes, i have sucker written all over my face!). So this morning I'll be cleaning the house up to host this party, and making some snack foods.

I'm trying to use up things in the house, so DD made a Buffalo Chicken dip last night ( a recipe from Allrecipes.com), Today I'll make quesdallis ( not the right spelling), a nacho dip and I'll bake some type of cookie. If I have enough time, I'll make a pizza with marinated artichokes and red peppers. I have no clue how many people are coming, so I'll have coffee, tea, water and crystal light available for people to drink. ( I was going to buy pop but I want to keep the expenses low, and seeing as I have lots of Crystal light I'll use it up).

So here's hoping for a few laughs, a clean house and a few sales this afternoon. After the party, I'll take the dog for a nice long walk, then do some work for work and get ready to go to work tomorrow. ( I'll only be gone 2 nights, as I have a meeting in my home town mid-week, so I'll get to sleep 2 extra nights in my own bed!, plus work will pay for my mileage)


Canadian Saver said…
Is Tupperware making a comeback? I hope it's a fun party... the laughs and the food should be good!!
its me, sam said…
Apparently so, one of my aunties is very excited to be coming, she hasn't been to one in years. I think its the fact that almost everything is guaranteed for life. My mom has things she got 40 years ago, and its still going strong.
The Witch said…
Good luck with your party.
Tupperware is expensive but it will last a life time and they really do have some cool new products.
Everyone usually likes the games you play to win those little give away items. The orange peelers,
Jolie said…
I was hugely into tupperware when I first got married almost 20 years ago. It just seemed like a rite of passage to adulthood/married life. Every single item I bought back then, I still have now and it's in fantastic shape. It certainly does say a lot about quality.

Have a great party. The food sounds fantastic!
Anonymous said…
Ooohhh...LOVE Tupperware! It is amazing stuff...I have pieces that were my grandmothers probably before I was born (I'm 40 now, so). Have a great time!

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