Try again...

I deleted the last post for 2 reasons 1.) I can't spell and rereading it it was full of errors. 2.) I have a few things to add...

If anyone knows on anyone in the Maritime provinces looking for a lab/border collie/ sheltie mix, let me know. I'll have to find my puppy a new home by August, and I don't want to take him to the SPCA. BTW he'll be 2 in late July, so he's not a puppy in age, but in attitude sometimes. It breaks my heart to think that I'll have to find him a new home, but I've I've thought of every way possible and nothing will work. He'd be really good on a farm and a family with either retired/semi retired active people or a family with young teens with lots of energy. ( He get's really excited around younger kids and will knock them over in his glee). He's kennel trained, he can sit, shake, lie down, and give kisses. He know when to turn left, right and go straight when walking ( he's getting much better about not pulling when walking).

I did go to Shopper's and bought 1 bag of chocolates, plus a book... Doug Preston and Lincon Child's latest in paperback... I'll have to go shopping tomorrow night for easter chocolate, a rice crispie bunny pour moi, and cooclate eggs for DD. I have a suprise for DD for Easter. ( I'll take a photo and post it Easter morning, and not any sooner as DD reads my posts... love you)

I'll be home tomorrow night for the long week-end, 5 nights in my own bed! I'll be busy moving DD from her room to the spare room until the bathroom is finished, and this way I can get everything mapped out for the reno completion. the reno is all in my head but I need to commit it to paper. Plus Saturday morning I need to get everything priced out ( lumber, dry wall, taps, flooring, doors, paint, lights, etc).

At somepoint I'll have to buy groceries too. Actually I'll get the few things I need here and take them home and save myself the stress. I'll buy the few things after work and bring them home.

Moneywise... Not too bad, 36 for gas on Sunday, 50 for an oil change tomorrow, food and PH stuff 75.00, actually it's the pits... But at least it's all cash right now! Tomorrow we're having lunch out ( or brought in), so that will be tasty, Chinese minus the MSG for me!


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