Sunshine and beach glass

Thursday night I went for a walk on the shore. I ended up with a pocket full of beach glass, ( which I collect). There is something about walking in the beach and finding these little treasures that makes me very happy. Finding cobalt blue, pale green or pale mauve makes it even better. ( I found a large piece of pale green).

The sun has been shining since last Monday, and it's supposed to last into late next week! You can feel spring in the air now, which makes me want to start to spring clean the house, washing walls, clearing cobwebs, shining windows, linens dried on the line, all makes me feel happy.

Last night at work, it was a busy supper again. I only had a small section, as I was managing too! My sales were not sky high, so I ended up bring home 55.00 ( which isn't too bad when you think that i probably only had 10 tables).

Today will be cleaning up the house, laundry, buying a few groceries, cooking supper, walking the dog, rehanging the living room curtains ( the dog didn't like a person walking by the house last night and pulled them down, they're current dumped on my bedroom floor) and a bit of marking. DD will be having friends over to help out with a project later, so that will keep the house busy.

I must go and get the laundry started, so I can enjoy this beautiful spring like day!


The Witch said…
We could be sister's!!!
I have collect beach glass(mermaid tears) for years and drift wood.
I'm a fanatic towards this hobby.
On my walls and desks I have beautiful pieces of drift wood, shells and beach glass.
I'm thinking of doing a complete post about my hobby. Thank you for reminding me.
My biggest score to date was finding a big piece of drift wood that looks like a elephant and a red piece of beach glass.
Have a great weekend.
The Asian Pear said…
oooh. that sounds pretty. I've only ever been to the beach a few times in my life. :(

Have a happy weekend!

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