The results of the Tupperware party

I didn't have a lot of people show up for the party, but I did have some good orders. So far it's over 350.00 in sales, and I still have some people who will place orders in the next few days. We were laughing over some of the Tupperware stories, including the story of my mom melting her mixing bowl, and the the salt and pepper shakers that have the stand shaped like a T that are about as old as the company ( Tupperware will be 63 in May, and the sales lady figured they were about 60 years old).

So, I'll end up with a few new products and lots of laughs. The give away gifts included miniature funnels for spices, a lifter for boiled eggs, a collapsible dish, an orange peeler, and a tea bag squeezer.

Plus, the buffalo chicken dip was so good! I ended up burning the roof of my mouth eating it ( note to self, wait 5 minutes after you've pulled it from the oven before eating it next time).

I didn't do any work work today, nor did the dog get a long walk, but he did hang out with my dad this afternoon for 4 hours, and hanging out with grandpa is always good.


Anonymous said…
I love Tupperware, don't own much of it, but do love it!! :) Sounds like you did great overall! And you really should share the buffalo dip recipe.. ;) lol~!
Jane said…
Sounds like you had a great afternoon. The buffalo dip sounds yummy, can't wait for the recipe.

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