Money in, Money out

This week I spent 30.00 on groceries while away for work. Much more than I normally spend, but considering that I had a can of tuna, mayo, raisin bran, rice noodles, and peanut butter at the house I needed some food. I bought pork, ground beef patties( x2), mushrooms, frozen broccoli, raisin bran, milk, chips and dip ( which are all gone)and a snickers bar. Tonight I bought a small ready made caesar salad to go with my burger for supper. Last night I cooked pork, along with mushrooms and broccoli, with rice noodles, a little bit of soya sauce and some stir-fry mix. It made enough for 2 meals, I'll have it for lunch tomorrow.

For supper tomorrow night, I'll have the other burger, with cut up fruit, or if I'm lucky, left over chicken! Lunch on Friday will be a tuna sandwich and more fruit. Fingers crossed, I make around 100.00 at work Friday night for gas, DD's haircut and a few groceries.

As a side note, I've been watching "Hoarders". In a strange way it makes me feel good, knowing that I have a little mess, not as bad as those I see on the show!


lol always good to know there's someone worse than us! lol

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