It looks like I need a little luck sooner than later.

My trip to the Hub City was good. I got my new bathroom vanity, plus 2 pairs of jeans, a new shirt, DD got her shoes for prom, plus Jodi Picoult's new book, and a couple of other little things at Costco. PS thanks to all the people who helped me out while we were shopping.

I was about 10 minutes from home when DD's cell phone rang. It was my mom, saying that the basement had flooded... It appears that the cold water pipe behind the tub let go. It leaked on top of the furance ( it still works thank god). SO I now have a bathtub that can't be used until I gut the bathroom and install the new one!... So, the miracle I need is the cash to get the bathroom done!

Plus I won't be able to take any time off work for at least 3 weeks, so I can't even have anyone come look at the mess until I'm home... Unless my parents do it, which I'd rather them not right now..

I'm putting it out to the universe that I'd like a new bathroom that someone does all the work for free, plus the materials are free too.


The Witch said…
Oh No!!!
I hope you call your insurance right away, this could be a blessing in disguise to get it down for free.I'm glad the furnace is OK.
You were lucky that it wasn't the hot water pipe that burst and your furnace was running also.
I'm glad you and DD had a good shopping day.
Canadian Saver said…
Oh not good at all :-( Good idea to call the insurance, that what you pay it for !
its me, sam said…
TW, I started riping down drywall this morning, and discovered that who ever put the tub in ended the drywall 1/2 inch from where the tub started. So there was nothing for the caulking to stick to, So any bit of moisture that got behind the wall was going up the walls, etc. The hot water tap fell off a few weeks ago ( it was stripped) and I wanted to wait and replace it when i did the bathroom. I think that the tap was not turned off completely ( think of a very slow drip)and the water was getting in the invisible cracks, and ran into the basement, as there is a hole under the tub for the drain pipes and it's probably a foot in diameter. The drain pipe is directly over the furnace, so I think it was running over the furnace and on to the floor. I'm planning on getting the tub out this afternoon. I've been checking the pipes and don;t see any problems with the pipes. Thank goodness I plan on moving the tub down a few feet, as this should eliminate any future problems like this! I'll post a picture of the mess so everyone can appreciate it!
Jolie said…
Floods are nasty. The effects of the water go so far beyond where you can see. My first worry would be mold, which we've experienced before from water leaks.
its me, sam said…
I'm cursing the person who put this tub in, as right now I'm tearing off ceramic tiles and nothing but mold underneath! AWK!!! I give myself 2 more hours tearing the bathroom part, then I'll need to walk the dog and shower, put get things done around the house.

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