Haircuts and train trips

I finally managed to get a hair cut yesterday. It looks great, and its easy to do , which is great for a hair spaz like me. I bought groceries yesterday ( 64.70 which included toilet paper, dog treats, a case of water,a new tooth brush, a magazine=24.47 +3.18 tax = 27.65 so I spent less than 40.00 on food items). DD hopped on the train yesterday to visit friends in her favorite city. She sent a text message to the house last night to tell me she arrived safe and sound. I sent one back with the house phone ( I spoke and it sent it as a text message).

DD is applying to university and trade schools.( two completely different career paths) The only trade school she's interested in is on the other coast and the program she likes starts in July. The school on the other coast called her this week, after checking her out on facebook ( creepy) to see what she can offer the school. My only advice for DD is "do what you will love" something that puts a smile on your face everyday. She's currently working on her list of pro's and con's for both. If she does go to the other coast, she'll be living where her dad lives ( which would be a good thing for both of them). If she goes that route, I've told her that I would drive across Canada to take her, or rather drive through the US on the way there, then drive back through Canada on the way back.

I'm feeling better, and need to plow though my list of things to get done today. I work tonight until close, so I should make about 125.00 which I'll use for gas and a few groceries. ( yogurt is on sale for 3/5.00 for the 750 ml tubs).


Col said…
I think it's amazing that you continue to be such an inspiration to us and your daughter by inspiring all of us to do what we love :) Thank you.
Anonymous said…
I hope your daughter gets in the school she wants! :) That's a great deal on the yogurt! Canada is beautiful, be sure to take the scenic route! ;)

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