getting taxes done!

I did my taxes tonight, with my BFF ( over 34 years and counting) by my side. we did my parents first, then mine. Fingers crossed we did everything right, I should get a refund of just over 3,000.00. ( I had lots of deductions TG). Where the money will go is another story. 1,000 to the grad fund, and the rest may go towards the bathroom reno!( that's what needs to be done ASAP). I'll wait and see however.

DD and I went to see "the fantastic Mr. Fox", very strange, not sure if I liked it, but i did have a wonderful nap while i was there. LOL

DD's off to a big city for the week-end, and dear old mom will be hanging out, working and paying bills. Good news, the joint Visa I have with my mom is finally under 10,000. OH yeah!


halfdozendaily said…
That's a nice refund! Are you going to post before/after pics of your bathroom? Mr. Fox looked "odd" to me too... lol! Least you got in a good nap! ;)
The Asian Pear said…
wow. that'll be nice! I am anticipating a very small return this year. =(

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