The final tally for the Tupperware Party, plus figuring out the jars.

So, I ended up getting a set of three bowls with lids for free, a container set that normally sells for 255.00, but I got it for 98.00. I also ordered a six piece tumbler set that I'll be using for B-day gifts for all the little ones in my life. ( they were 36.50 for 6). My total sales for the party including my half price item was 522.00, with the average order around 65.00.

One of my aunts and a friend asked if I would have another party in late fall, as people would like to order some things for Christmas. So, I'll look at doing it in late October, early November.

My numbers for the jars are 235.00/week...
85.00 for food- personal ( including haircuts, TP, etc)
85.00 gas- oil changes- etc.
20- pets
15.00- entertainment/ eating out
10.00- clothing-gifts...
20.00 - allowance ( 10 for me, 10 for DD)

This seems doable when I break it down like that. I'll start this week-end with the jars.


I love paying myself an allowance ;) Congrats on the tupperware!

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