There is something to be said for a simple supper, like a BLT. While grocery shopping yesterday, tomatoes were on for 1.14/lb. I looked at the tomatoes, then smelt them ( yes weird I know, but I always smell produce before I buy it) and the smelt like summer. SO I bought 2, then I picked up a small head of iceberg lettuce for 1.69, and thought BLT's. So I wandered to the meat section, where I also bought 2 chicken breast for 2.90, and found the bacon... on sale for 2.99... Yippee... I knew what I was having at least twice this week for supper... BLT's . Tonight I made one for me, and one for my landlady. She's so sweet, its like living with my grandmother, but she's younger than my mom.

So my menu plans this week are yesterday ( bagged frozen pasta = 2 meals + garlic bread) Left over pasta lunch today. Supper tonight BLT, lunch tomorrow- tuna sandwich with lettuce and tomato, Supper wednseday - chicken stir fry with mushrooms, red onion and broccoli and brown rice Lunch Thursday - left over stirfry
Supper thursday - bacon and eggs with fruit, Lunch - egg sandwich...

I ended up walking for an hour tonight, it was 9 degrees at 8 pm... Carzy! I'll walk again during lunch hour, plus after supper too.

I'll be home this week-end, cleaning the house on Friday, cooking on Saturday and having the Tupperware party on Sunday. ( I'll need to make some snack food's and gt chiars from my mom's)

I'm off to enjoy the Biggest Loser...


Anonymous said…
I love to smell tomatoes, especially those "on the vine" which are just heavenly!

Oh BLT how do I miss the! Canadians make the most amazing BLT's. Boy do I miss Canada :(
Rachelle said…
I LOVE BLTs!! one of my favourites for sure!!
The Witch said…
BLT my favorite sandwich. I also add a piece of cheese and the bacon has to be crispy and the bread lightly toasted.
Now I'm craving one.

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