Sympton of stress...

My blood pressure was up, way up today... 150/90... Caused by stress and high salt intake yesterday ( Chinese food = lots of MGS and salt) = 1 lady not feeling good today, so no work for me tonight. Just R & R tonight, then regular stuff around the house. Plus figuring out ways to calm down...


The Witch said…
Hope you are feeling better soon.
I know the stressed out feeling.
I usually try to go for a walk,reading a new book may help and for some reason baking works for me.
Maybe making something with dough may help as you kneed it and punch it down hard.
Glad you are taking the night off.
You must be tired at times working two jobs.
Oh that too bad. Can you enjoy a nice walk? I know that works for a lot of patients, building in a good hour or two walk each day at the weekend.
Sharon said…
I'm so sorry you are feeling bad. Hopefully, warm weather will come soon and we can all get out and exercise a bit more, as exercise helps with the stress!

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