Sometimes it pays to tell a business how they did!

While DD and I were in Halifax we had a not so pleasant experience at a large chain restaurant. I saved the receipt and went on line and filled out the questionnaire on line. I requested that the restaurant manager respond back to my "experience". He replied and could not apologise enough for our woes. He's sending "coupons to be used for our next visit ( which will be in the spring or summer). I'm hoping that our next experience will be better.

DD called last night and is having fun. She's made new friends and new experiences. I managed another no spend day today, but tomorrow I'll spend money on Zumba ( I didn't go last night), and I'll be buying tickets for a charity draw. Thursday will be another no spend day, and Friday, only if I need gas.

Jessie, from Jessie's money was asking about gas mileage. Right now, my car is telling me I'm using 12.6 litres/100 kms. In the fall I was managing to get 10 litres/100 kms. The vehicles mileage is averaged at 11 litres/100 kms.

I do have some sad news. The lady who I rented a room from when I first moved for work passed away last week. ( Her daughter was the one who would burst into my room without knocking or when the lights were off). I did go to her wake and talked to her children.

Tonight, I'm going to organize some paperwork, do some marking and watch "the Biggst Loser" while drink Earl Grey Tea with lemon as a treat.


Anonymous said…
enjoy your treat! I'm sorry for that ladies family.
Sharon said…
Tea is probably a better choice than a hot fudge sundae while watching the biggest loser....:)
The Witch said…
It always pays to complain, but doing it in a nice way can really bring about good results.
Hope the next time is a better experience.
its me, sam said…
I didn't make a fuss at the resturant, but I left a very stingy tip ( about 3.00 in loose change for a bill that was close to 70.00).It's funny, because at the other chain restraunt we ate at, and the food order got all messed up, the manager took off half the food and gave us coupons for free food the next time we're in town. The server there was awesome and I left her a huge tip. So our next trip to Halifax, I'll have 2 " free" meals to hopefully enjoy. But I will go to eat somewhere in the downtown.

Sharon, the tea was wonderful.

Witch, you 100% right, by being polite, you'll get farther ahead.

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