Snowy Sunday

It's snowing out this morning, and it makes me not want to leave the house, but I do work at my PT job tonight, so I'll venture out. My plans for today are to pack, tidy the kitchen clean the bathroom, and the bedrooms, do 1 or 2 loads of laundry, do some of my FT job work, plan a menu for the week and squeeze in a short walk.

My side feels better today, but is still twinging. My mom gave a muscle relaxer last night, so switching sides while I slept was a bit easier. I'll take Advil again today to keep the inflammation down.

DD is away for the week. She was excited to be going away and having adventures in a new city. I ended up spending money yesterday on prescriptions, cat stuff, a bit of food and treats for DD to take with her. DD also got her report card this week. Last year her overall average was 68%, this year, 87%. Crazy!

Today I will not be spending any money, as the well has run dry, plus there is nothing that I need.

I'll be working at my PT job Friday night, so I'm happy about that!


The Asian Pear said…
congrats to DD! looks like she's been working hard this year to pull up her grades. :)
Anonymous said…
That's great re your DD's grades! Hope you enjoyed your no spending day & your weekend :)

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