Saturday's happenings

Yesterday the dog was up at 5:30... He and I stayed up, and I made a game plan for the morning. I cleaned the bathroom, the spare room ( including the litter box), the pantry,I also borough stuff to the Sally Ann, books to the library ( to be donated or catelogued), my recyclables back, a Trip to Frenchies and the grocery store. After supper ( burgers with green onions, cheddar cheese, BBQ sauce and garlic all mixed together, but I need to use an egg or bread crumbs next time to bind it together) and fries.

The trip to Frenchies was a success - 1 brand new black turtle neck ( tags on), a robin egg blue blouse, 2 hard cover books and a stuffed frog and ball for the dog ( which he had both on pieces by the end of the night). My sister scored a brand new Ann Taylor wrap sweater tags still on and another sweater, plus books for her class room.

Groceries - I spent 77.45. I did buy dog food,laundry soap and 10 tulips ( I bought pink and white) Those 3 things alone came to 38.06, so my actual food costs were 39.39.

Tonight's supper is going to be broccoli, red pepper and mushroom stir fry, with brown rice. I also bought DD some wraps, so she can have wraps this week, along with salad and cut up veggies. We had lots of fruit left, so I didn't buy any.

Today's plans, walk the dog, go to a tupperware party, and complete some work for Monday and the rest of the week. Then I'll be home On Friday for 10 whole days!


Canadian Saver said…
Hope this week goes fast for you... 10 whole days will be sooo nice!

Sounds like you had a good, productive day!
Anonymous said…
oooh 10 days is fab!

your dinner sounds delicious :)

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