Saturday and Sunday

I ended up leaving the house Saturday afternoon and spent 45.00 on new cordless phones, 26.00 for chocolate and a new dog leash, 16.00 at the bulk barn for dog bones, bars of soap, black licorice and chocolate for DD, plus 8.07 at Shoppers ( I paid the tax for DD's make-up, plus I bought eggs and butter. I was asleep last night by 8:30 and slept until 5:30 this morning.

Today I made bread this morning ( Frugal girl's sandwich recipe), which turned out OK, ( my kneading leaves a bit to be desired) and the Witches pizza dough recipe ( which was better). I made 2 pizza's for supper BBQ chicken, and perogy pizza ( like Boston pizza's). To make the potato slices, I sliced one large potato, and marinated it an entire bottle of japelano's ( juice and slices), then baked the slices in the oven., Next time, I'll marinade the potato's for about 24 hours, then bake then for about 13 minutes. Both pizza's were really good. I'll be freezing the BBQ chicken one, for lunches in the up coming weeks.

I watched the men's hockey game tonight and it was a nail biter. But we won! Now, I must go and finish watching the closing ceremonies. Good night! ( PS, I'm hoping the roads are bad tomorrow so I can skip the seminars planned for tomorrow!)


The Asian Pear said…
Everyone seems to be eating this BP perogy pizza. I need to try this thing!

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