It's the last monday of the month!

Next Monday I'll be working from home for the week! ( Lots of meetings but that's OK, I get to be home!) Today the roads were white knuckle for part of the drive... But I made it on time! I walked at lunch today and went to Zumba tonight. I spent a total of about 23.00 today for coffee and a donut, a few groceries and Zumba.

I agreed to have a tupperware party for my friend... I spent about 40.00 yesterday, on lunch containers and bingo for the party. I'll have to send a message to my friends and family on facebook and round up orders. I'd like to get a few things for myself at the party ( the colander wiith the lid, and the huge mixing bowl for bread, plus a couple more lunch containers would be nice! The pastry sheet is good too, as my mom has one and she loves it! ( My mom has had Tupperware since the 60's I'm sure).

Other than that, not much else is happening, I'm tired and need to get some sleep! My blood pressure is very close to normal now...


Anonymous said…
Oh I remember tupperware parties! It's funny it feels like I spent years collecting and now I'm getting rid of them!! lol
Canadian Saver said…
February sure is going by super fast!!

Glad you're feeling better!
The Witch said…
I love Tupperware products.
In my last post you can see the pastry sheet. We use it all the time.
I just ordered Tupperware Modular Mates two weeks ago. Big sale 40% off.
It makes for a well organized pantry.
I have found lots of never used Tupperware at yard sales and Value Village.
God I sound like a Tupperware sales person. NOT.

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