It's amazing what 1 day can do!

Great things about today... And thanks for your kind words, Witch from my favorite Island.

The library had shelved the book in question... They eliminate the late fees and the charge for the book.

I had 2 huge belly laughs today. Huge, tears running down my face, one was about a question on a test... the question was do you frequently feel irritated ? The student asked oh so seriously: like a rash? The second one I can;t remember but the tears were rolling this afternoon.

It was a co-workers B-day and we got Chinese for lunch and surprised her. My fortune cookie said : you will get a promotion soon!" We laughed about that too!

I paid a few bills and the rent for next week, plus I put gas in the car ( 40.35), plus spent 4.50 at the dollar store on a card, tweezers and a large note pad. The tweezers work great BTW.

I work tomorrow night, so money for me ( 125.00 please). I still need to pay the CC's but at least I feel like I have a grip on things today!

I was going to buy a few things tomorrow grocery wise ( less than 20.00) but if I can get a hold of DD and see what we need, I'll do it at lunch tomorrow, as one of the grocery stores here is being renovated, and if you spend 50.00 or more, you get 5.00 off your groceries due to the inconvenience. I can buy a lot of groceries for 50.00. If I can't get a hold of her, I won't bother and get the few things we need at home.


its me, sam said…
PS, talked to DD, she's having a lonely week... Make's me feel selfish right now.

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