I work tonight.

I'm working tonight, the night of the start up for the Olympic's. I want to make 150.00 tonight. I find if I go to work with a particular number in mind, I come close or exceed it most times!


Sharon said…
Good luck! Hope you reach your goal!
The Witch said…
Hope you reach your goal.
Good luck.
Canadian Saver said…
Do you think it'll be busy or are people gonna stay in to watch the Olympics? If I had a date I'd probably eat out tonight or Saturday so it's not as busy in restaurants like on V-day!

good luck :-)
its me, sam said…
It was busy, but with tables that stayed for hours.
i ended up making 85.00, which is good considering my sales were just a little over 700.00. i gave my mom 40, so
i have 45 for groceries this week. Let's see how creative I can get!

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