I hope the old saying is true!

In like a Lion, out like a Lamb... is a saying that my grandfather always quoted. What it means that if the beginning of March roars in like a Lion ( a big storm) , it will end like a lamb ( mild and gentle). I'm sure hoping that its true this time! Ouside it's nasty, we had rain, freezing rain, and now it's snowing. The tree's are doubled over, covered in ice, I'll have to take some pictures of the tree's later on.

Work last night was fair, I was tired however, and a bit cranky with the teen's who were complaining about having to work. Plus I made lots of errors ( close to 100.00 worth). Ouch! trying to train a new person, bartend, take tables and manage all at the same time is not easy... Especially when you don't normally bartend... We muddled through and got it done however. I gave money for a baby shower gift ( 25.00) and I ended up bringing home 80.00 in my pocket.

I will not be spending today, as the roads are bad, and I don't need anything that bad. I did notice that Candain tire has cordless phones on sale this week, mine are toast ( they got zapped a few years ago during an electrical storm and don't work very well), so I'd like to purchase these or get a rain check. I also need to buy a new outdoor rope for the dog, as his snapped this morning and he had a wonderful romp around the neighbourhood, with his broken rope trailing behind him!

Today's plans are laundry, getting all the paperwork sorted and ready for taxes, and toss in a few walks with the dog, a bit of baking and fingers crossed watching some curling on TV.

I hope everyone on the east coast enjoys their storm day!

Here are a few photos: and a picture of the dog in front of the fireplace!


Canadian Saver said…
Love the pics! That's what it looks like here too...

It makes me laugh that you call your dog "puppy", I was picturing a SMALL dog... he's really big :-) And very cute :-)
The Witch said…
Sounds as if you did have a busy night. What happens when there is a loss like that?
We went out for supper on Friday and had the best service in a long time.We left her a good tip.
Love the pictures also.
The storm here didn't last long and all is back to normal now.
Hoping to see Canada win Gold today and watch the closing ceremonies.

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