feeling out of control

That's the way my life feels right now, OUT OF CONTROL.

No control over my job ( it's not all that it's cracked up to be, and trying to get straight answers over certain aspect's of the job is not going well. Ah, hello all of this sh*t should have been sorted out before we started! Finding out that we have to teach something in 15 hours that is listed for 45, but not on any of our paperwork, It's an assumption that we would know... and how considering its not LISTED anywhere).

My money - forgot I wrote a cheque... Bank covered it... I'm so pissed at myself. How could I forget about a cheque? I'm in the minus in my account for the 2nd time this year!

My spending- so not under control right now... the vicious circle I'm in again... Credit cards are not my friends... I am not a friend to myself right now.

I went to the library tonight, apparently a book I borrowed and returned was not chekced in, I owe money for this book... I'll be calling them tomorrow to have then chekc the shelves, as I remember returning the book on Jan 2.

DD is stressed out, so that is bothering me too, as she's behind in school after being away, and is not chatty on the phone at night. ( I get worried when her moods swing, as her Dad suffers from serve depression...)

My big relief this week is I only have to pay rent for 1 week, plus I won't be traveling anywhere during March break, saving money on gas too. I know I'm booking a massage for march break, as Blue cross will cover 80%, and I'm in dire need of some R&R.

I'll be spending time making lists and getting things under control... I'm so looking forward to being home for 10 days!


The Witch said…
Hope tomorrow is a better day.
It's Friday so it has too be, right?
We all have days that are the pits,
try not to beat yourself up over it.
Sending you good vibes for a great weekend.

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