A bit of number crunching

I played around last night with numbers. If I rented my house out for 1 year, I came up with a number of around 12,500.00 that I would "save" in living costs. Here's the other kicker, if I worked 1 shift/week-end for that year, I would have all, yes, all my consumer debts paid off in 12 months. I would have about 1,500 a month to live off of ( including rent, gas, etc,) and I could take 2,200/month and pay off all I owe.

It's a big incentive to "rent" my home, and continue to board where I work, and "board" with my parents on the week-ends. As much as I'm not crazy about it, it makes the most sense. Plus, I suspect I'd probably spend most of my week-ends out of the house because they can drive me crazy, I could end up losing weight to boot. At the end of June 2011, I would just owe my car ( pd off in Sept 2014, interst is 0.9 % less than 1,000 for 5 years) and mortgage payments ( up for renewal in May 2014).

Any comments?


The Asian Pear said…
Although financially it makes sense, I urge you to also think about what it means to be a leaser. You'll have extra obligations to fulfill and so forth. And make sure a contract is made up. Just a though!

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