Accomplishments for Wednseday

1.) fought off a migraine... It came on fast and with the help of some meds gone in 1/2 hour ( the barametric pressure and its rapid changes does this to me).
2.) finished marking 2 huge tests, plus caclulated marks ( 4 hours of reading and marking after supper)
3.) watched some of the Canada/Russia hockey game ( last 10 minutes while laying in bed)
4.) talked to my brother, nephew, aunt, mother and DD all in one phone call.
5.) DD called back in a panic over her entrance essay for Univ. Calmed her down, gave her a starting point, and it seemed to work. ( she had the body done but was stuck on the beginning).
6.) talked to a few students, as they are worked up about "life" and its affecting their work. Some are too proud to ask for help... Made it clear that if they want to stay when they're finished, I'm usually there...
7.) Filled up the tank, 26.00 ( which is normal for me).

Tonight, I'm planning on doing some more marking, plus watch the women's hockey team play the US. I'll also get ready to go home tomorrow.


Canadian Saver said…
1 more sleep and you're home for the week!!
Jane said…
Congrats on getting so much done, that is very impressive while fighting off a migraine!

I get the same kind of migraines, what type of medicine do you find works for you?

I have been following your blog for a while and think you accomplish so much and should be very proud of yourself.
its me, sam said…
I'm getting excited, almost like Christmas.

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