2 no spend days in a row and tomorrow will make 3!

I've managed to spend nothing for 2 days.( Yahoo), and tomorrow I have no plans to spend either. Wednseday I'll be spending money on Zumba class.

Work yesterday was dead... I left after 2.5 hours with 12.00 in my pocket. Ouch... I work Friday night, so fingers crossed that I make at least 120.00.

I may also have a temporary PT job during the week. I'll let you know the scoop when it's official. ( I'd want to make 150/ week while doing it.Fingers crossed, as that is my expenses for the week).

My week should go fast, as I'll be busy every night, working and forcing myself to exercise. I have enough food to last the week, plus I have enough food at home to keep the house going for another week ( I will need to buy potatoes and carrots on Saturday, but that's it).


The Asian Pear said…
good luck with your NSDs! I'm on Day 6 myself.
The Witch said…
You are one busy lady.
Hope you leave a little room for some down time and fun.

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