Wednseday December 16, 2009

9 days left until the fat man comes. Today I bought stuff at the bulk barn, dog bones, corn meal , gummie army men for my nephews, etc. Total came to just under 28.00. I also received my B-day gift. It's a silver bracelet with 2 big amethysts on it. I love it.

I also picked up DD's winter boots and went to our local book store but they didn't have anything that jumped out at me. ( I was buying gifts). I also went to the library and borrowed a few book, plus returned some.

I checked out CS's squares she made, and have decided that I'll make them on Sunday, plus some corn bread with jalapenos and cheese. I'll make them in my mini-loaf pans so I can give some to family and friends.

Working from home is good, i can make phone calls and just relax. I called to cancel my satellite and i managed to knock the bill in half for 6 months. So DD will have TV for the next 6 months, and I'll have the satellite radio for less than the price of the satellite. Plus I switched my house insurance from one bank account to another, and I'll be able to close the account, and save myself 4.00/month. Little bits will add up.

It's also cold again! Which makes me not want to leave the house. Tomorrow I'll have to go and do some work related things, but it's nice being home!


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