Tuesday December 15!

Today I worked from home. I did manage to do laundry, and some cleaning too. I'm very thankful that I'm here for the next few weeks. I even took a lunch break and walked the dog for an hour. I find I can get more done here at home in 2 hours than I can in 8 at work. I even babysat my nephew for an hour tonight. It was fun, he's 4 and is getting excited for Christmas.

DD has another project on the go for school, so she's volunteering for that this evening. I also braved our local mall tonight and I'm almost done my shopping. I'll finish it tomorrow and wrap it all too. I'll be glad to be finished of everything.

BTW, the meteor I saw yesterday. It's part of a shower series that is occurring right now on the east coast. If the clouds leave you might have to chance to see one too!


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