Sunday morning, December 20, 2009

Yesterday I spent 10.00 on Korean food and breakfast for DD. I also spent another 9.00 on my bad habit. Friday I spent money on a haircut and tasty treats for Christmas ( homemade fudge and homemade sponge toffee).
I worked last night and ended up with 80 in my pocket, plus worked for 9 hours. Considering that I ended up managing the restaurant for most of the night, not too bad. The only down side, I found to I have to work on Boxing Day. Which derails the plans to go visit brother and his brood, but I'll be glad for the extra work, and money. No worries, I'll see him on Tuesday or Wednesday.

My house is coming together nicely, I'll do some more cleaning and decluttering today, plus some baking. Other than that I'll be relaxing, sitting by the fire reading or walking the dog.


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