Shopping today

I shopped for alchol today. I bought 2 x 24 beer for under 50.00, a massive bottle of wine for my sister for 25.00 and a bottle of spiced rum for 8.00, and a bottle of premixed Bahama Mamma mix for 6.00. I bought all of this across the border in Quebec. Considering that 12 beer in NB runs around 20.00, I think I got a really good deal! My mother will pay me for the wine and 1 case of beer. The rum I'll give to my sister as an early gift so she can have it with her egg nog.

I'm happy with my purchases...

I'm also sure my friends will be happy too!


The Witch said…
Wow where's the party at?
You got a lot of booze for a really good price.
Christmas time is always when I spend way too much on food and booze.
My weakness is all the different nuts, jelly beans, and dark chocolate.
No wonder I always gain weight at Christmas.
And of course I blow the budget, but this year I planned for all the extra's so I don't feel so guilty.
The beer is for Christmas Eve, the wine is a gift from my mom for my sister, the rum is a gift from me to my sister and the premixed stuff is designated for a party. Last year I spent way too much on booze, so this year I'm being smart. They also had mini kegs of Heinkein for 31.00. 12 Stella for 14.99, etc. Way cheaper than here.

I also checked out the price for raspberry sourpuss and melon liquor to make martinis with, I'll have to double check the prices, but I see martinis over the Christms holidays! ( vermouth, rapberry sourpuss, melon liquor, and triple sec or armeratto, with cranberry juice) and they taste just like cherry kool-aid...
Money Funk said…
LOL. I don't see my name among those alcoholic gifts! ;)

Glad to hear the shoppin' is coming along nicely. Hope you're having a great time. Have you tried Chocolate Cake Shots? Sounds like the mix wouldn't work, but they are soooo good. Enjoy!

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