Saturday's happenings.

I survived Friday night, with all the crazy teen-aged girls running around my house getting ready for Christmas formal. I'm going to try to post a photo that someone took of the inside of my house all decorated for Christmas.

Yesterday I went to an event with my daughter that she was working at. It was fun to see my former co-workers with their kids. DD and I went to the grocery store after and I some how managed to spend 78.00 on groceries, and other stuff like tea-lights and paper towel. I even managed to write down everything I had in my fridge, freezer and pantry so I had a really good idea of what I needed. Now I need to create the meal plan for the next few weeks, so I only have to buy the essentials. I'm very excited to be home to cook supper for the next 3 weeks, minus one or two meals that DD will prepare.

In the evening, i had settled in for a quiet night with DD and my sister, but life can change that. Friends popped in for a quick visit, and DD got a call from a friend in crisis. Long story, but DD and I have been down this road before with another friend. It may mean that DD loses this person from her life but in the end, DD is only 17, and sometimes parents have to step in and intervene. ( I can't say anymore that this about it). If it was DD who was going through this, I would want someone to tell me. I'd be angry at first, but I'd get over it.

Today, I plan on visiting a few friends and cleaning the basement up. I'd also like to go for a walk, but if the weather doesn't improve ( it's really cold out with the wind chill), I'll be hanging out inside.


Canadian Saver said…
Are you really done until after New Year's? You said you could work from home, but you won't be traveling? Must be very happy about that!!

I hope things work out with your DD and her friend...

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