The last Monday of 2009

It's the last Monday of 2009 and i spent it working. it was crazy busy, but we handled it. I ended up bringing home 93.00. Not too shabby, I'd say. I spent no money today, either which is good.

DD has gone away for the week, so I made sure she had money in her account, and she has 300.00 in gift cards to spend. She'll be home Saturday night, so we'll have Sunday to spend together.

I have no plans on spending any money, except for bills and gas tomorrow. Sunday I'll probably get a few groceries, and that's it. Plus i can pick up a shift on Friday at the restaurant if i want, I'm not sure yet if i want to. But the money would be good. I'll make up my mind tomorrow.

I'm off to bed now, actually Dd's bed, as mine is covered in paperwork and my goal is to get it all sorted, shredded and organized in the morning!


I decided to pick up a day shift at the restaurant on Friday, easy money plus time and a half is good! The bonus is that I'll have money in the bank on New Years Day for a change!
Canadian Saver said…
Good reason to go in to work, for time and a half I'd go in too!

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