I'm working from home for the next 20 days!

My morning drive was a bit on the icy side this morning. I left shortly after 6:00 am, and arrived at work by 8:00. The best part of the drive this morning? I saw a meteor fall about 2kms in front of me. It was a bright green streak across the sky, and oh so beautiful!

Work was good, got treated to lunch, had everything finished by 2:00, so I popped in to say hi to my landlady and drop her off a small gift and a hug. She had a small gift for DD and I. I was going to stay tonight as I expected to stay late, but I got the gift to leave early!

Tonight's plans included nothing more strenuous than hanging out in front of the fireplace with the dog and DD, watching a Christmas special and drinking tea ( chocolaty chai by president choice which my best friend says tastes like ganong chicken bones). I'm planning on having home-made white bread toasted with butter for supper and some fruit. Tomorrow night a family member is coming ot oick up items from my basment that have been stored for a few years. I guess I be cleaning the basement tomorrow night.

I forgot to toss the garbage out this morning, so I'll have to take it to my Dad's big barrel tomorrow.

Yeah for being able to work from home in my PJ's if I want!


The Witch said…
I love it when you see a Meteor falling, I always make a wish.
I,m going to try that brand of tea because you can't beat Ganong chicken bones. Always on my Christmas list, and no other brand will do.
Man I would love to be at home and working in my pj's today and every day.
Canadian Saver said…
Enjoy that tea! Sounds great :-)

And the 20 days at home sound wonderful!!!
Anonymous said…
Working from home is the best! Enjoy :) Think of all the US soaps you'll be able to watch! LOL Or actually CBC radio would be fab for me!!!

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