Holy Moly, its the 7th already!

Since today is the 7th, Santa will be here in 17 days! I'm so looking forward to being home from the 15th to the 4th of January. Mind you. I'll be working from home the whole time, but to be able to sit at my kitchen table and work in my jammies is heaven. I will be taking the 24th and 25th off for sure, plus the 1st. I'll most likely work New Years Eve @ my PT job, as I really don;t care about going out on New Years, plus DD will be away. Then if the majority of the girls want the day off on the 1st, I'll work then too!

I some how misplaced my Sears MC and orderd the new one on the week-end. I also ordered 2 new blinds, plus covers for the couch and chair. Total damage 500.55, which will be picked up and paid for on Thrusday. I'll transfer the money to DD's account and she'll get it for me. why may you ask, am I spending this money on this type of thing, and I'm panicking over over-spening? The couch and chair material has been destroyed ( it's just a bit over 5 years old ), and it's very depressing to look at. The blinds are for the two bedrooms at the front of the house( which faces the street) and I haven't had blinds up since July , I have a sheet covering my window which looks really trashy from the street. The house will look better and I'll feel better about the house.

The other good news is that my power bill has gone down again! I'm using about 3 KWs less a day now. I figure it the TV being off most of the time.

I'll need to pick up a few small things like yarn this week for Xmas gifts, and I plan to do some baking when I'm home for some friends. Nothing too fancy as of right now, but some treats for all ( I'm thinking of muffins or brownies for about 5 sets fo friends). Plus PJ's for DD and myself, adn I'll put some money on her winter boots this week-end.

I'm also planning to get some beverages for Christmas this week. I'll be buying beer, wine and spirts ( totalling around 100.00). As long as I have gas and food, bills are paid, life's good!

I worked this week-end and made 78.00, not too bad considering my sales were under 700.00!


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