Getting things back to normal

The tree is down and outside, waiting for me to borrow my Dad's truck so it can be turned into mulch! The living room is slowly going back to normal, as I'll take the rest of the decorations down throughout the day.

Work was a bust last night, I worked 4 hours, and made 25.00. :( , but considering I had 3 tables I still made out pretty good! I also picked up 2 -7 hour shift later this week, so I'll have a decent pay from there ( over 200.00). I may put 1/2 the pay into the Christmas fund and 1/2 into my planned saving account. The first thing I'm saving for is DD's trip to Ottawa in February. She'll be gone for a week, so she'll need a couple of hundred dollars for spending. ( her trip is a gift from my parents for Christmas). I may just put the whole check into her account and then it's paid for.

The next thing I'll be saving for is graduation. The photos, the gift and the party to celebrate the big day. I'm hoping to do it all for under 1500.00. The 1500 will also include the hair, the shoes, the alterations for the prom dress, etc.

I want to find someone to rent my house starting July 1st, with a 1 year lease. I figure if I can rent it for between 500-650/month I'll be doing ok. Just not paying the utilities for a year, I could save around 6,000.00. My plan is to continue to board where i work and stay with my parents on the week-ends. I'll pay them for living there too, but if I can save even 4,000 in one year it will be good!

I'll continue cleaning and Dd wants to brave the stores this afternoon! Yikes! Wish us luck!


Money Funk said…
Wishing you luck!

Wow! The tree is already down? And you seem to have everything planned/sorted out for the New Year.

I feel so insufficient that I don't have my game on. LOL.

Good for you! Your doing a great job. Keep it up!

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