Getting ready for the big guy!

Here's what I have left to do:

Buy gift for parents - gift cards as they have lots of stiff, but my Dad goes to Tim's everyday to socialize , and my mom's losing weight and needs some new clothes.

Groceries ; just the basics for this one, bread, milk, and some fruit and veggies. I'll spend around 40.00 tops.

Bake: so failed at this one! Tomorrow is looking good for this!

Drop gifts off to friends and family. Will do tomorrow afternoon.

Clean basement: this is half done, and will be finished tomorrow night!

Thursday morning, tidy house, and make a veggie tray for Xmas eve, as i'm having my annual Christmas eve party ( 6 years and counting).

I'm planning on taking the tree down when DD leaves the 28th, and having the house back to normal by the end of week.

Today, I'm getting ready to drive my brothers little guy back home, and I'll spend a few hours visiting with them, then I'll be heading back home, as DD has a party to attend tonight.


Anonymous said…
Sounds great! I love giftcards!

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