Braving boxing day sales

DD and I braved the stores today. She wanted razors, etc. I was half looking for a outdoor/walking coat.

I got the coat for 60+ tax. Its black and has a hood. Nothing too extravagant. I did buy DD a new suitcase for 50.00. Its a medium sized one and on sale for 50.00. It's a solid pink, but matches her polka dot suitcase. While we were at the store a woman lost her marbles at the clerks because they were not doing returns today. The irate customer, who by the way manages a local last food restaurant, was screaming and swearing at the clerks! I was not impressed with her attitude towards the clerks.

DD and I went to visit her grandmother.


Canadian Saver said…
That coat with the hood will keep you nice and warm :-) My coat is also black and the good thing is you can jazz it up with nice scarves. I've had mine for like 4 years but buy a different scarf every year and I don't mind that it's old!!

I hate people who are rude to sales staff... most stores have the no return policy anyway, so I'm surprised she wasn't aware.

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