the women in my family

Looking at the lives of the women in my family ( my Dad's side), I've come to a realization. When they hit 40 their lives all take major turns. I'm not sure why, but they all have seem to come into their own at that age.

My older sister completely changed her attitude towards life and now lives with the love of her life to this side of the mountains, has a fantastic career to boot, and is a step mother too!

One of my cousins same things, hit 40, fell in love, changed careers and became a step mother.

Another cousin left her marriage, moved back home, bought a house and is back in school now.

I'm not sure why this happens but it makes me strive to be like them. Maybe it has to do with the fact that women in family live to be in their 90's, so we feel like we have more time to get it together?

I'm going home for the week-end, lots of work work to do ( that's Saturdays task), I'm looking at going out on Saturday night and Sunday will be spent hanging out with DD and the puppy...

PS I used my visa this week.... :( I think I'll leave it on the kitchen table so the dog can chew it up!)


The Witch said…
When you hit certain ages, it does come with twist and turns. We mature more and grow. Things that may have bothered us or we wouldn't have ever thought of doing,now are viewed in a different light.
Feel the Fear and do it anyway.
Gail( Til Debt Do Us Part) would love the idea of puppy eating the credit card.
My Grandmother just turned 95 so I know what you mean by long life lines.

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