Wants verses needs...

I want Gails 2010 life planner but I don't need it. I opened up the site to order it and thought to myself, stop your crazy, more debt! SO I stopped and didn't order it. I'll give my mom money so the next time she goes to Costco she can pick me up a planner for under 10.00.

I'm almost done my shopping for Christmas... probably another 350.00 and I'll be done ( that's including my parents, 5 nephews and finish a couple of things for DD). I also need to buy a tree and some adult refreshements for the holidays. ( Bailey's, beer and wine). I figure 60 for DD, 120 for my nephews, 40 for my parents, and 40 for my goddaughter and her sister, plus 30 for the tree, leaving me with 60 to buy some beverages. I'll just need the basics for groceries ( I figure I can get away with spending 40/ week for the next 5 weeks, if not less.) Plus I'll be spending less in gas for 2 weeks ( I plan on driving very little for those 2 weeks).


Anonymous said…
Good job on not purchasing the life planner.

I bought it last year, and while I loved it. I stopped using it!!

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