Today's spending and what I did for my birthday

Today I managed a free breakfast ( it was a meeting and I met some new contacts), plus I had a free supper at Pizza Delight ( on your birthday you can eat for free). I had a super donair and Caesar salad. I left the waitress a 5.00 tip ( the bill would have been about 12.00). Plus i spent 1.25 out of my 10, so I still have about 5 left in that fund. ( the tip came out of my grocery money). Plus the lady I'm staying with has friends here for the week, so she made dessert ( angel food cake with pineapple and cool whip mixed together YUMMY).

I'm low key so I didn't tell anyone it was my birthday until late today. So now I do believe that I'm going out for lunch tomorrow.

I had lots of birthday wishes on face book from family and friends.


Canadian Saver said…
It sounds great!! The donair and the cake especially ;-) Have fun today too!
Rachelle said…
I did not realize you could eat there for free on your birthday!! hmmm, i'll have to plan a trip out east this summer. have a great rest of your birthday!
The Witch said…
Happy Birthday!!!

Sounds like you had a great day with lots of free food.
Seems like the new place you are renting is a lot nicer than the last nightmare.

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