Surviving my first day.

I survived today ( so far). Actually so far, I've been doing ok. I haven't eaten too much either ( 1 small bag of chips and some peanuts are not my normal diet).

I've drank coffee, and ate without going into serisous cravings. I may end up sleeping a lot however. I spent 3.39 today on 6 small bags of chips from the dollar store.

So I've spent 3.39 so far this week, plus I have 3.38 left on a Tim's card ( it was a gift), and I have 1.60 left to spend if I want.

Oh yeah and a friend gave me a brand new box of nicorette on Sunday... Gotta love friends. I have lots of support so that is making things easier.

Now I must go and make a test for tomorrow and correct some papers. Eight classes left, then exams.

Which reminds me, I only have to pay rent this pay and then nothing until the beginning of January!


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