The rest of the week

I ended up working until 1 am Friday night, which will give me another 80 to help pay for Christmas. Plus I made 70 in tips ( 4 hours of waiting tables, 5 of managing)

DD and I went out for breakfast Saturday morning, total cost including tip 15.00. I also got gas and 2 packs of my bad habit. We also rented a movie for less than 4.00. Supper was at my mothers with some of my favorite people. DD bought me a dozen roses, my family ordered me an amethyst bracelet but its not in yet, plus I got a angel, a 25 gas card and a scratch ticket and I won 4.00.

I also have an offer for a weekend away in the near future but it depends on schedules and prior commitments. ( More this one as it develops).

So far I can say that 40 is fabulous.


Col said…
40 IS fabulous! I am now 42, feel and look 35, so you have a long way ahead of you. It will get even better, promise.
What a fabulous time you are having for your birthday! Happy belated birthday. I am glad to hear your living situation is really working for you, too.

You know, I think Musings of a midlife mom just celebrated her birthday too.

Keep the bday celebrations up! (I believe in celebrating for at least 4 weeks)!

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