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First thing I did smoke on Friday, after being yelled at by my mother over an issue she has with my daughter in front of my sister ( I was a little upset but thought I can handle this), then I went to pick up some work related items which were not ready... waited 20 minutes while they figured out what they were supposed to be doing, then walked in the door to my house, the dog being so excited, DD's friends hanging out in her room, ignoring the dog, who had just finished destroying the foam out the the living room chair. The dog unzipped the cover and happily had a foam eating contest with himself. So I caved and no, it wasn't that great.

I accomplished so far this weekend: make 1 massive pot of chili, 75 meatballs, clean my bookcase ( I have a green box full of books to donate), my dresser top off, read papers for work, grocery shop, cook a big breakfast, rearrange the living room for Christmas, put my nativity scene and greenery up in the living room, and bleached the ceiling in the bathroom. I also attended DD's play with a good friend.

Today I have a birthday party/christening party to attend, a shopping date with my sister at Shoppers Drug Mart to get stuff for Christmas ( stocking stuffers), plus I'm volunteering at D's play tonight.

Speaking of DD, this is what her month looks like so far: 3 showings of her play, mid term this week too, bake and craft sale next week-end for one of her classes at school ( they're raising money to build a school and well in India), tickets to sell for another group she belongs to at school( they're raising funds to attend a national conference in May), Christmas formal ( all she needs to to get dressed and she's ready), plus a trip at the end of December where she'll visit with friends and her fathers side of the family.

DD also had her graduation photos done last week and they are beautiful ( can you tell I'm proud?). She also has a trip to Ottawa coming up in February and most likely even more events will fall in her lap. I'm keeping my fingers crossed that all the activities she takes part in at school pay off in scholarships.


I ended up at Shoppers this morning and ended up almost finished my DD's Xmas stuff, along with some other things! Yeah for freebies! Plus my sister came along and i bought stuff for her little guys stocking! Shoppers at 09:30 on a Sunday is amazing! No one is there!
I just wrapped DD's presents! I wanted them wrapped so there was no peeking. I'm know out of wrapping paper ( I bought it 2 years ago at Costco), so i need to add that to my list!
I spent 25 dollars at Shoppers! Got lots of chocolate!
The Witch said…
I think maybe a gift card for Shoppers would be perfect for you!!!
I was also there on Sat. around 10:00 and you are right nobody around.
Since we don't live even close I find it strange that the stores don't seen to be that busy.
Maybe it's the weather?

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