Pay day is tomorrow!

Today is the 2nd day without smoking. So far so good. I actually even managed to walk tonight for about an hour. I'm planning on using walking as an alternate to smoking. Fingers crossed that I actually loose weight.

Tomorrow is pay day and here is the low down:
Rent -150
Mortgage -335
car - 280
Visa # 1 300
Visa #2 120
MC 50
RRSp - 50
Plus a few other things. I have enough money to pay for everything and a little bit left over. I will be buying some yarn for my mom to knit a few things for my nephews.

The month of December will be a little easier on the wallet, less gas, no rent for 3 weeks, no added groceries, plus I can pick up a couple of shifts at the resturant.

I should be able to put an extra hundred dollars towards debt repayment in December.


Canadian Saver said…
I got paid today too. LOVE payday :-)

Sounds great that you don't have to pay rent the 3 weeks you aren't there, it's rare to see an arrangement like that!

Congrats on not smoking!

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