Pay day came early.

Because today was a holiday, my pay was deposited today! So I paid all the bills, put gas in the vehicle and went for a long walk with family. We walked on the beach ( shocking I know), with puppy in tow ( its the first time he was ever at the beach, and he didn't know how to act around the waves). I kept him on his lead, and away from the beach grass. DD cooked supper, fettuccine homemade Alfredo sauce with sauteed mushrooms and roasted chicken.

I'll drive to work and back home again tomorrow, as I have Friday off for medical appointment. I'll be driving both ways in the dark tomorrow, but I actually like driving but not the close to 400 kms in one day.

I've stuck to my 2 goals, 10/week for spending and no new books...

Oh, and if i see one more Christmas commercial I'll chuck the tv ( no I won't) but come on... December 1 should be the day for holiday advertising to begin.

Oh and I decided to go with the satellite radio and cancel the tv satellite. It will over lap by one month. I pay 13.75/month for the radio as to 40 for the TV, thus having 26.25 to put towards debt. Now if I can just figure out how to get it to work on my computer it'll be even better.


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