Lifes latest curve ball ( But I talked about it before)

Taking chances:
Life is short and you never know what’s
Around the corner.
When someone comes back into your life for the third time
Do you take the chance?
Because if you don’t you’ll always wonder why?
Once I understand, twice is life but the third time?
The first time immaturity played a hand.
The second fear played the biggest role.
The third … is unknown.
Do I take the plunge for just a weekend to see if anything is still there;
Besides questions?


The Witch said…
Go for it!!!
Life is short and it's only a weekend.
Hope you keep us well posted.
Canadian Saver said…
I say go for it too!!

I hope you tell us more about this, it's very intriguing!
Oh boy!

I say get your questions answered and then walk away. Fool me once, shame on me, fool me twice, shame on you, fool me a third time, shame on us both.

Personally I've had a situation that kept coming back. The third time I wouldn't let it in farther than my questions. I got my answers, tough as they were, and I decided to move past it. It's your life. You tried before, often a situation that keeps coming back does so because we want it to take the reins for a while. We wish and hope and pray this time will be different, but we already know the answer - twice before it left.

Good luck with your decision about this situation. All I can say is make sure it goes your way and your way only.
Rachelle said…
go with your gut. if the idea excites you, what one of the other people said is so true, you only live once. but keep a slight guard up, you want to look out for yourself first.

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