It's now pay day

I paid Visa #1. and MC today. I have the cash to pay Visa #2 tomorrow, plus my rent money and I need to pay my landlady for a bottle of Alcool she picked up for me ( 30.00 for a 40 ouncer) Which is going to a freind to make Tia Maria with.

I spent money at the grocery store today, I bought 3 big packages of lean ground beef ( 1.88/lb), plus I spent 12.42 on peanuts, carmel corn, a magazine ( yes I admit I bought one ) and a frozen dinner.

I also spent 1.87 for a coffee at Tim's ( I left the girl a quarter ). I'll be eating tuna again tonight, plus fruit and peanuts. I'm trying to use up all the stuff I have at the house and work before i buy anything else.

While I was at the grocery store I noticed a few things. They sell local pie crust ( 4 crusts for 2.99), local sausage 5.99, 2 large turkey thighs ( frozen) for 3.64, plus the milk here is 6 cents cheaper than at home. I think I'll be checking the sales flyers for both here and home and buying some stuff here and some stuff at home.

I'm going to find it hard not to smoke at home ( I don't smoke in the house, haven't since I bought the house). One step at a time...


Canadian Saver said…
Did you get to Shoppers for the special event? I'm still trying to decide if I'm going or not......

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